Good morning, Woody Harrelson

Today, I'm on the hunt for Woody Harrelson. "Game Change" is filming at the Tremont Grand, right around the corner from TDR's offices, and security and set people have told us that Harrelson's supposed to make an appearance Monday to shoot a scene. The made-for-TV movie about the 2008 presidential election is filming around the state, and ...


  1. Wayne Countryman

    I saw Harrelson on Lexington Avenue, around the corner from the Tremont Grand, about 2:30 p.m. last Tuesday. He was on the sidewalk talking quietly with another man. No entourage that day — I could have reached out and touched him as I walked past.
    So, maybe he’ll be out and about today.

  2. Wayne Countryman

    CORRECTION: It was on Fayette, not Lexington, that I saw Woody Harrelson last week.

  3. He rode by me on a bike while I was eating lunch on the water by the Legg Mason building. Looked like he was headed toward Fells Point.

  4. Rachel Bernstein

    The camera trucks were sitting across the street from the Tremont again today… No equip on them, but perhaps they’re prepping for another shoot?

  5. I saw him yesterday on Eutaw street while walking to the Orioles game….talking to a few folks, but almost missed him.

  6. I just saw Woody this morning as we were driving to Wholes store he was riding beside the car on his bike, of course we yelled HEY Woody, he smiled and waived back. That made our day.

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