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Annapolis public housing to ban air conditioners

ANNAPOLIS — Residents of public housing communities in Annapolis could be evicted this summer if they use their bedroom window air conditioners.

The board overseeing the Annapolis Housing Authority will vote Thursday on banning window units at the Robinwood, Eastport Terrace and Newtowne 20 communities.

The federal government has ordered the city to prohibit the window units. Sliding windows installed 10 years ago allow only one side to open at a time. So window units block an emergency exit.

If the ban takes effect, residents could still use their air conditioners downstairs. But some say temperatures in their bedrooms can reach 90 degrees in the summer.

Resident Ramona Sims says the city is “treating us like animals.”

Some are asking the American Civil Liberties Union to help fight the air conditioning ban.


  1. Then join the rest of us who pay for our own housing if you dont like it. Stop freeloading and complaining. If you work hard, you can have your own air conditioner in your own home. Really very simple.

  2. Umm Brian, thats a little ridiculous! It is about one hundred degrees outside right now and for babies and children that live there by default, they should suffer or die because their parents can’t afford better housing. I am the first to admit this welfare and social services system is flawed, however I am not for people dying because of it. 2nd, my apartment does not have central air, I’m not on welfare or in city housing, but I did install a window unit and would raise all hell if they told me to take it out.