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Boh and wife

This Saturday, Natty Boh and Miss Salie Utz are getting hitched. Or chipped. Or whatever chips and beer do together.

You may have seen the billboard on the JFX. Natty Boh, mascot of National Bohemian Beer, proposed to Miss Salie Utz, of Utz Snacks fame, in 2007. Four years later the two are finally getting married.

I asked a spokeswoman for the couple what took them so long, but she said the couple has no comment at this point.

And of course, in classic celebrity style the two will make it a public wedding. The publicity stunt will be held at Power Plant Live! at noon Saturday to kickoff Smyth Jeweler’s new TV ad featuring the pair of Baltimore icons.

The whole shebang is put together by MGH, which created the original pairing of the two icons when it posted the billboard for Smyth four years ago.


  1. They will make a fabulous couple–if we can just get Miss Sallie to get her hand out of the bag long enough for him to slide on that big rock, which looks to be about 20.00 carats.

  2. Get it right. His name is Mr. Boh.