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Man pleads guilty to hate crime in beating of Baltimore tourist

A New York man has pleaded guilty to a hate crime in the beating of a man he believed was gay at a Baltimore hotel.

Thirty-year-old Ajit Kapur of New York pleaded guilty Wednesday in Baltimore City Circuit Court to second-degree assault hate crime and received a three-year suspended sentence.

Richard Tso, the man who was attacked while visiting from Seattle in August, says he was heading to his hotel room when he heard Kapur call out a homosexual slur, but he ignored it. A short time later, he says Kapur cornered and attacked him in the hallway, beating him to the ground.

Tso has since helped found TAP America, a non-profit “dedicated to strengthening America through tolerance, Americanism and patriotism.” He says Kapur donated $500 to the organization.

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  1. Oh these little slaps on the wrist for ‘Hate Crimes’. Ya just don’t get it.