Boh & Utz: A love story, continued

Coordinating with this Saturday's royal Baltimore wedding of National Bohemian Beer's Natty Boh and Utz Snacks' Miss Salie Utz, is a 30-second animated TV spot made for Smyth Jewelers that tells the story of how the two met. For a sneak peak of the commercial, it's already posted on the MGH YouTube page. The MGH created spot might ...


  1. A true story ! I painted the images of Natty-Boh man , and Utz -girl …in a state of romance 3 YEARS before the ad agency and Smyth Jewelers took credit for my work . I have the original painting , dated sketches , Baltimore Sun review , and e-mails from both MGH and Smyth’s proving that their concept was used AFTER seen at Artscape 2004. Photos and docs @ your request . Please make this right . Sincerely, Ted Young

  2. Good Day ,
    Still Amazed , that nobody wants the true origin of the ” Natty Boh & Utz Girl ” Idea !! Now , somehow Iconic and merchandise worthy , I wish some journalist would tell the real story. I painted the original art, on canvas …3 years before Smyth and the Ad Agency took credit . I e-mail the painting image , and all Docs from their own Companies ! , if you find this of interest . After all , I am probably the last of 7 generations of Baltimore-Bred people in my Family . For Honor ?? ! Hopeful Thanks , ted young

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