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Boh & Utz: A love story, continued

Coordinating with this Saturday’s royal Baltimore wedding of National Bohemian Beer’s Natty Boh and Utz Snacks’ Miss Salie Utz, is a 30-second animated TV spot made for Smyth Jewelers that tells the story of how the two met. For a sneak peak of the commercial, it’s already posted on the MGH YouTube page.

The MGH created spot might even make you ditch watching “The Notebook” for the 100,000th time this weekend.

Watch the video below:


  1. A true story ! I painted the images of Natty-Boh man , and Utz -girl …in a state of romance 3 YEARS before the ad agency and Smyth Jewelers took credit for my work . I have the original painting , dated sketches , Baltimore Sun review , and e-mails from both MGH and Smyth’s proving that their concept was used AFTER seen at Artscape 2004. Photos and docs @ your request . Please make this right . Sincerely, Ted Young

  2. Good Day ,
    Still Amazed , that nobody wants the true origin of the ” Natty Boh & Utz Girl ” Idea !! Now , somehow Iconic and merchandise worthy , I wish some journalist would tell the real story. I painted the original art, on canvas …3 years before Smyth and the Ad Agency took credit . I e-mail the painting image , and all Docs from their own Companies ! , if you find this of interest . After all , I am probably the last of 7 generations of Baltimore-Bred people in my Family . For Honor ?? ! Hopeful Thanks , ted young