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Proposed Calvert Cliffs nuke unit passes environmental review

LUSBY — The Nuclear Regulatory Commission says an environmental review hasn’t found anything to prevent licensing of a third nuclear reactor at the Calvert Cliffs power plant in Lusby.

The NRC and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Baltimore District released the Final Environmental Impact Statement on Friday. The corps of engineers will use the information in making its federal permit decision.

The NRC says publishing the environmental impact report is only part of the overall license review and the agency is still working on its final safety evaluation report. The NRC says it’s Atomic Safety and Licensing Board is also investigating a challenge of the environmental review. And it’s examining whether the applicant for the license, Unistar, meets NRC requirements regarding foreign ownership.

One comment

  1. Has the NRC, or anyone, found out what to do with nuclear waste yet? (besides burrying tons of the stuff in the ground and hoping it goes away)

    I suppose it will “go away” eventually, maybe a couple million years (I don’t have half-life stats with me). But it seems like it could be a problem eventually over the next 100 years or so…