Woman fled Md. jail by kicking hole in drywall

OAKLAND — The Garrett County sheriff says an inmate escaped from jail by kicking a hole through a wall.

Sheriff Rob Corley explained on Friday how 31-year-old Alisa Shafer of Friendsville escaped Thursday afternoon. Deputies apprehended her that evening.

Corley says Shafer kicked a hole through the half-inch drywall of a bathroom to escape from a holding area into the jail lobby. He says neither cameras nor correctional officers observed her as she turned her black-and-white-striped jail outfit inside-out and fled.

Corley says blueprints for the holding area do not specify such flimsy material. He says the poor construction is inexcusable.

Shafer had been arrested earlier Thursday on a second-degree assault charge.

Corley says no employees were at fault in the episode.

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