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Where are all of the jobless law school grads?

Recent law school grads looking for work, I know you’re out there.

I know this because although the legal market has improved since it hit rock bottom, it isn’t getting that much better for new grads. And I know that because the New York Times said so (and so have many others in town).

The local law schools — University of Maryland and University of Baltimore — don’t want to give me your names, and I can understand that. They want me to highlight all of the great people coming out their schools who have wonderful jobs.

But I can’t write the full story about the entry-level job market without talking to some of you who are still looking for jobs. It’s that simple.

I’m appealing to you to get in touch with me, so your voices can be heard. And, hey, you never know what could happen. One of our readers just might need a person like you to come on board.

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  1. Maryland Esquire

    The job market hasn’t improved for those of us who need (or want) to move laterally either. I’m in a corporation and my understanding is that companies and law firms are in the same boat with legal hiring.

    However, from my perspective, this would be a great time for companies to realize the savings of in-house counsel and stop outsourcing all of their work to $400+/hour firms.