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Fun in the Sun with MSBA

I have been frantically trying to complete two weeks of work in a four-day time frame. For those of us lucky enough to get out of the office (for vacation or otherwise), a few days or full week away from work can fall within one of two categories: 1) rejuvenating or 2) anxiety inducing.

Next week is the Maryland State Bar Association’s Annual Meeting in Ocean City. Hundreds of attorneys and their families will be making the pilgrimage over the Bay Bridge to meet, greet, learn and be merry for a few days. I have somehow become an MSBA Annual Meeting veteran because I cannot recall the last time I have not been to one. I have been to so many that I kind of know what to expect (Come to think of it, I wrote an almost identical blog about this last year…)

In any case, I will spend my time at the beach for work while I also try to relax (would that be “professional relaxing”?). For those that have not given it a try, the MSBA Annual Meeting is a great opportunity to meet attorneys and jurists from throughout the state and to catch up on the latest legal developments.

It is not too late to register, either. If you come, don’t miss out on The Daily Record’s Young Lawyer Happy Hour at Liquid Assets at 5:30pm on Wednesday, June 8th.  A few of the Generation J.D. bloggers will be there (so you can really tell us how you feel about our blog posts).  We also will be blogging from the beach.  See you there – and don’t forget your sunblock.