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Maryland ACLU questions immigrant tuition foes’ process

HAGERSTOWN — A Maryland chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union is questioning the legality of an online petition seeking a statewide referendum on in-state college tuition for illegal immigrants.

The ACLU of Maryland said Friday it has asked the Board of Elections to scrutinize the signature-collection process for vulnerability to fraud.

The group says the website enables a user who knows someone’s name, zip code and birthdate to submit a signature on that person’s behalf without their knowledge.

The elections board says it is consulting with the state Attorney General’s Office. The board has already validated more than 41,000 of the 56,000 signatures opponents of the new law must submit by June 30 to get it on the ballot next year.

The petition drive’s leader says the process is sound.


  1. Illegal people should not be afforded the same benifits as legal persons, this includeds laws that protect their interest.

  2. Hey ACLU, Butt out!

    This petition drive only puts the law into question on the ballot. It doesn’t stop it; it just gives the voters of Maryland a choice to voice their opinion on a bill that was passed through the legislature at the end of the session.

    Let’s face it Maryland. The timing and passage of such a controversial bill is DIRTY POLITICS! Representatives waited until the end of the session to make it increasingly difficult for petitioners to get the required signatures for ballot access.

    The legislature KNOWS that a majority of the people are against this law. They voted for it anyway and they are wrong. Now that the people have spoken to put this to ballot, the buddies of the ILLEGAL aliens are coming out of the woodwork to protest. Hey ACLU, CASA and the like… get lost! The people have a voice and we will speak when this gets put on the ballot. Once this hits the ballot, this issue will be settled once and for all!

  3. Good job, ACLU. You’re doing your job. Ignore those who are just looking for another excuse to oppose a really good law.

  4. Let the people have their say. Politicians, Casa de Maryland, and the ACLU don’t want that to happen because they know the outcome. In PG we have a charter law that says “new taxes or fees must be approved by voters.” The County Council passed a telephone tax without going to ballot – the 2nd go round, another telephone tax went to the voters and was defeated by 71%. The defeat of in-state tuition for people illegally will rock the liberal foundations. Let it get to ballot and quit the anti-democratic actions, ACLU.