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Maryland may make ‘bath salts’ drug illegal

Maryland’s health secretary is considering classifying synthetic drugs known as “bath salts” as controlled dangerous substances, making them illegal.

Many states have already banned bath salts, which are often sold online and mimic the effects of cocaine or methamphetamines. They can be inhaled, smoked, injected or ingested.

Dr. Joshua Sharfstein, secretary of the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, is asking for comments from the public before he decides what to do about bath salts.

Sharfstein has the power to classify the active compounds in the drugs as schedule 1 controlled dangerous substances. That would make it illegal to manufacture, sell or possess bath salts.

In the meantime, Sharfstein says Marylanders should avoid the substances. The health department is aware of 22 poisoning cases, including one that resulted in death.


  1. if people get high on soap you gonna ban that too?

  2. Are you serious? Please tell me we are NOT talking about the stuff that women use to put in the tub and relax. First, I have to show my ID to buy paint spray for my chairs I keep outside, just in case I decide I want to huff it. Allergy medication is kept up front so I have to wait in line and again show ID. Now bath salts. Look, you can NOT micromanage every aspect of someones life. Next you going to want to force gas stations to have someone record IDs of those getting gas to make sure they are not huffing fumes, ID for mouth wash, that has alcohol, and this list goes on and on. The gov’t is to protect ‘US- as in the NATION” from outside influences that could destroy us. Now they want to step in and protect us from ourselves. YOU CAN NOT PROTECT PEOPLE ALL THE TIME. Once they realize this… maybe the rest of us can live in peace.

  3. Dee, are you serious that you are that uneducated and just plain stupid that you would post a comment like that about the government trying to protect us as a nation. If you saw how toxic this stuff is you would not even think of needing this extra protection. Imagine if you were James Baldwin who lost a child to this, you would want the government to step in and ban this as well. It is not about protecting the person ingesting the drugs it is about the innocent people that may be affected by this person getting behind the wheel or being psychotic and placing others in danger. I have seen the effects of this drug and it is not pretty. The symptoms of paranoia last for weeks after just one use. It’s like having a caged animal and letting them loose on a school bus. Maybe you should educate yourself more on the matter, before simply offering your opinion.

  4. must agree with michelle. @dee- your comments are the perfect example of ignorance not always being bliss.
    please try to educate yourself on this very serious issue if you are going to talk about it.