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I want to ride my bicycle…

Now that the weather’s nicer and traffic is just lousy around downtown already, commuting to work by bicycle is looking like a better option these days.

Waterfront Partnership and Bike Maryland are teaming up to host a workshop June 30 on the basics of bicycle commuting. Interested bicyclists will learn on how to get started on biking, staying safe on those dangerous roads, choosing the right equipment, routes and what to do in inclement weather.

All attendees will be entered to win a TREK 700 hybrid bike. The event, from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., will be free, but attendees must register.

Check out Waterfront Partnership‘s site for more details and registration.


  1. Interesting that the list of what bicyclists will learn does not include obeying the law. Bicyclists routinely treat themselves as pedestrians when it suits their purposes (e.g., crossing streets against red lights), and motorists when it suits their purposes (e.g., traveling in the middle of the road rather than the bicycle lane – Falls Road by the Street Car Museum is the best example). “What suits their purposes” is the only rule they follow consistently. Their arrogance is matched only by their self-centeredness. I have nothing against bicycles. I commuted to work on a bike for several years (in another city), at a time when doing so was far less fashionable and considerably more dangerous. Its bicyclists that are hard to take.

  2. Hey Pushkin (Pot), how many times did you drive faster than the speed limit on your way to work today?

    MBB (Kettle)