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Baltimore commuters get some good news (finally!)

The “Highway to Nowhere,” closed since Sept. 10, reopened this week, to much cheering from those of us who commute into Baltimore from the south and/or west.

It seemed that since work started on the Baltimore Grand Prix course (also known at Pratt Street, Light Street, Conway Street and Russell Street)  a couple of months ago, there wasn’t a real good way to enter the city from the south.

I had given up on I-395 and had been taking Route 40 in from Ellicott City, which, even with the closed highway, was faster. But the construction forced traffic onto Mulberry Street, and the lights (especially at MLK Boulevard) slowed things up for me by probably 10 minutes.

I know how bad that highway has been for West Baltimore, where it literally has divided the community since the 1970s. But it is good for me, especially while Grand Prix construction is going on.