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Law blog roundup

Welcome back to the roundup. Ease into the week with some of the latest law links:

  • This should be obvious, but one local lawyer says when when handling a social media crisis, don’t act like Anthony Weiner.
  • An American lawyer and a professor celebrated the first public lesbian wedding in Nepal.
  • What’s the best way to cross-examine defense medical experts? Why, use their own ethics code against them, of course.
  • Isolating race bias in the workplace is difficult.
  • Mirriam Seddiq rants on the latest inaction on immigration reform and the FBI’s new guidelines.
  • NFL’s Mr. Irrelevant wins a $5.4 million default judgement.
  • Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas (above) is drawing more attention to himself with what the New York Times calls an “ethically sensitive” friendship with a Dallas real estate magnate.

One comment

  1. Strangely, those cross examination tips work with plaintiff experts too. Especially the ones who forget to delete the last “patient’s” name from the boilerplate report.