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Mayors in Baltimore pass resolution on war money

Mayors from across the United States passed a resolution Monday urging Congress to quickly end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and spend the money on domestic priorities.

The mayors voted during the last day of an annual conference of mayors in Baltimore.

The resolution says $126 billion is being spent each year on the wars. It says that money should be spent at home to create jobs, rebuild infrastructure, develop sustainable energy and provide for other needs.

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa told the group Friday that it is mind-boggling to him that the money is being spent to build bridges in Kandahar and Baghdad and not in Baltimore and Kansas City.

The mayors also released a report on 363 metropolitan areas that found unemployment was expected to remain at double-digit levels in 75 areas through December. Forty-eight areas are not expected to return to peak employment until after 2020.

However, the report also found the nation’s gross domestic product was expected to reach 3.5 percent in the second half of 2011 and that by 2014 more than half of metro areas will have returned to their previous peak employment levels.

The forecasts were based on the assumption that Congress will extend the debt ceiling.

Mayors attending the conference also called on Congress to do more to stimulate the economy.

“We need to stand for a new world order in federal spending,” said Villaraigosa, the incoming president of the mayors conference. “It’s time to bring our investments back home.”

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  1. New world order ? Global agenda ? Give me a break. How about a new order where we arrest the US congress people and the banksters that got trillions in bailout ? They call americans terrorists. I say no…the banksters are the terrorists. Goldman Sachs runs this country along with the (not)Federal Federal Reserve central private bank. Geithner and Paulsen went behind closed doors to make the rich richer with TOO BIG TO FAIL bailouts. SHeila bair FDIC is credited with the TOO BIG TO FAIL. Dodd Frank Act is the cover up act. WHo are the real terrorists ? Why did congress change the INDIVDIUAL BANKRUPTCY LAWS in april 2005 ? Why ? Why is the senate banking committee / Carl Levin D-MI putting on phoney trials for Blankfein ? Why are we told about 700 Billion TARP and not the trillions in bailout to FOREIGNORS ? We use the Military and the Police as prostitutes for the bankers. INVESTIGATE PDCF, Maiden Lane, TLSF, TALF and all the other bailout programs.