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The ‘cost’ of outsourcing

I’d have to say the fear of having one’s job outsourced overseas is certainly a valid one. And, if you’ve ever wondered what your developing world counterpoint might be making if it were ever to happen, I might be able to shed some light for you.

Call centers and manufacturing are not the only things that have been shipped to other countries to cut costs. Heck it was not long ago that some news organizations shipped some U.S. business coverage out of the country.

A glimpse into why a company might consider outsourcing came in the form of an unsolicited email pitch I got last week from a company based in Cebu in the Philippines. I’m not quite sure why the company, eBusiness BPO Inc., thought I’d be a real hot lead for their offerings but nonetheless it did provide an interesting glimpse into how the other half lives.

From the email:

We can supply your company with a full time employee with a college degree starting from $6.00 an hour for outbound campaigns/inbound campaings [sic] (non toll-free) or $8.50 an hour for inbound campaigns (toll-free), all inclusive and tax free. This includes the agent, a computer, a headset, VOIP, fiber optic line and predictive dialer. We also have CPA’s on staff for $8.00 an hour, Virtual Assistants doing data entry for $5.25 an hour, Exec. Assistant for $6.00 an hour, and Bookeeping [sic] for $6.25 an hour.

As if the prospect of being able to boss around CPAs and college-educated folk for, what is in some cases less than minimum wage ($7.85) weren’t enough, eBusiness BPO throws in another tantalizing lure:

The benefits of outsourcing your employee frees you from liabilities such as unemployment insurance, workman’s compensation, Employee health insurance, employer taxes, 401k, HR costs, etc.

And, in case you might be worried about how your company would be represented:

Our agents are capable professionals and have excellent English accent. With our system, you can listen to your employees while they handle your customer support or telemarketing.