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Marta Mossburg: A culture of secrecy still thrives at the BDC (access required)

The Baltimore Development Corp. is to transparency what Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez is to democracy. Despite a 2006 ruling by the state’s highest court that ordered the taxpayer-funded agency to open its meetings and documents to public review, its culture of secrecy still thrives. The financial statement of the $305 million taxpayer-financed Hilton Baltimore Convention Center Hotel ...


  1. Baltimore needs more Marta Mossburgs!

  2. Excellent! Thank you.

  3. If you understood real estate you would know that cash flow determines its value. This is not the first time you incorrectly discussed the Convention hotel . The Convention hotel has produced sufficent cash flow to pay its’ mortgage and other debts. Buyers and sellers of real estate deal with cash flow and not GAP profits and loss. Public companies often report profit on what is call EBIDTA without going to jail. As one who has brought several meetings and conventions to Baltmore I know the need for convention hotel rates.

    You are a constant critic with no new ideas or solutions other than to cut taxes. With you vision Baltimore would still be in the dark ages Give it up already and get a REAL job that produces or makes someting !

    Larry Kamanitz