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‘Hot Coffee’ puts America in hot water (access required)

Just so we're clear, I like the courtroom. I like juries, even when they don't vote my way.  I like the Founders' idea that we should have regular people from the community come and decide disputes between people. I think juries overwhelmingly get it right. I'm also against damage caps in civil lawsuits. Juries were given ...


  1. John, thanks for another thought-provoking post. One clarification about your ‘fun science fact,’ though: Water boils at 100 degrees on the Celsius scale. On the Fahrenheit scale, it boils at 212 degrees. Ms. Liebeck’s coffee was scalding hot, but not boiling.

  2. Regarding the fun science fact: Assuming the coffee temperature was measured in Fahrenheit, water boils at 212 degrees. It boils at 100 degrees celsius.

  3. @Barbara: absolutely right–thank you for catching my error.