P.G. County agrees to pay $4M to foreign teachers

UPPER MARLBORO — The public school system in Maryland’s Prince George’s County has agreed to pay $4 million to reimburse more than 1,000 foreign teachers it hired and required to pay fees the school system should have handled.

The teachers, most from the Philippines, were hired under a visa program for foreign workers. An investigation by the Department of Labor found the teachers were illegally required to pay fees that should have been covered by the school system.

The labor department announced the agreement with the school system Thursday. It said that the school system will also pay $100,000 in penalties and be barred for two years from hiring more foreign teachers. The school system, Maryland’s second largest, said in a statement it was sorry not to be able to hire foreign workers.

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  1. Interesting…so they are letting go hundreds of teachers and increasing class sizes and expect teachers to provide quality instruction to classes with over 40 students…but somehow they come up with 4 millions dollars out of the blue to pay for a delinquency on the county school system’s part…