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TSA finds 13 knives in carry-on luggage at BWI

LINTHICUM — Transportation Security Administration officers have found 13 knives in the carry-on luggage of a passenger attempting to board a flight in the Washington area.

TSA spokesman Kawika Riley says an officer operating an X-ray machine at Thurgood Marshall Baltimore-Washington International Airport last week noticed something suspicious in the man’s luggage, and a fellow officer’s search turned up the knives. Riley says they included switchblade knives and a butterfly knife.

Riley says Maryland Transportation Authority Police took the man into custody and he faces state charges. A police spokesman on Thursday did not immediately have details of the charges or the passenger’s name.

Riley says it is common for officers to detect knives and guns at checkpoints, but this was an unusually high number of weapons.

One comment

  1. Big deal, a Trillion dollars to catch 13 knives? What was he going to do with 13 knives, does he have 13 hands? All they managed to do was illegally confiscate his knives and try to make a splash when they should have offered him the chance to ship the knives separately or in checked baggage.

    This happens every day and usually the passenger surrenders the item and TSA sells them on Ebay in the ntsa category. I suppose this self created \accomplishment\ is supposed to offset the 25,000 KNOWN security breaches that have had so far. This is a useless and expensive agency and we simply cannot afford, nor should we tolerate, the absurd excuse for airport security that TSA supplies just to give some police reject a job.

    This is the most deceitful and corrupt agency in US history and needs to be investigated, ultimately disbanded and airport security returned to the FAA where it belongs.