Being professional with the unprofessional

While on a telephone call recently to discuss my client’s response to a plaintiff's request for production of documents in a case, the opposing counsel became dismissive and accusatory toward my client (and me). Despite efforts to bring decorum back to the conversation, counsel requested I inform my client that, upon receipt of judgment by the plaintiff, he would take immediate effort to collect judgment and somehow made an analogy to this effort and his genitals. I don’t recall the exact quote, as I was somewhat stunned by his statement (both in the fact that he said it and the fact that he was able to make the analogy). During the course of any attorney’s career, you will have to work with (or against) counsel that treat the practice of law as a means to vent their frustration with life. What is the best way to deal with these practitioners?


  1. Caroline Griffin

    Great advice from a wise attorney.

  2. Well said, Michael. Kill’em with kindness, and when you prevail, they likely did not see it coming!

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