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BGE activates peak load management for heat wave

The Baltimore Gas and Electric Company says it has activated its peak load management program during the heat wave.

The program means customers enrolled in it will have their central air conditioning units and water heaters cycled.

About 450,000 customers take part in the program. BGE expects to have enough power to meet customer demand.

The utility is still advising all customers to conserve energy when possible.

One comment

  1. What BGE is not right. They did not cycle AC units as described in their program, they turned it off all together! 9 hours without ac on the hottest day of the year?! That is absurd and dangerous. If there is enough power to meet the demand then meet the demand, they already charge a higher rate for the summer months as it is. Or maybe, instead of turning off the ac, they should automatically boost the temp up to say 75. Its not stopping the unit from using AC but it means the unit is not working as hard and therefore not using the same amount of energy. I wonder how many people were hospitalized yesterday due to heat related illnesses in homes that BGE “cycled” the ac at.