The importance of mentoring

I met Thursday with representatives from the career development and alumni relations departments of my law school about implementation of a new, group mentoring project. Our goal is to provide a unique mentoring program that connects law students, recent law school graduates and established legal practitioners to add to the complement of mentoring programs that are already generally available for law students through the law school and for lawyers through the Maryland State Bar Association and other organizations. While most of these mentoring programs center on traditional one-on-one mentor-mentee relationships, some are quite unique. It goes without saying that mentoring is important. Whether a mentoring relationship is formal or informal, research has consistently shown that people are more likely to succeed— in school or in work — when they have had a mentor. Those with more mentors report even higher levels of success (although you can reach a point of diminishing returns when you cannot maintain effective relationships with all of your mentors).

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  1. Evelyn Lombardo

    The Court of Appeals launched a pilot mentoring program for newly admitted Maryland attorneys in January of this year. The mentoring program, which is administered by the Court through the Executive Director of the Commission on Professionalism, pairs newly admitted Maryland lawyers with more seasoned attorneys on the basis of geography and practice area. In January, the first class of mentees (who were admitted in December) embarked on a year-long program with their mentors, and this week, about sixty new lawyers(who were admitted last month) will meet their mentors and get started with the program.

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