State taking bear hunt applications

ANNAPOLIS — The Maryland Department of Natural Resources is accepting applications for an October black bear hunt.

The department will take applications through Sept. 2 to participate in a lottery to receive hunting permits.

DNR will issue 260 permits, with a quota of 55 to 80 bears. The hunt is scheduled Oct. 24-29, but will close when the quota is reached.

DNR officials say applicants have a good chance of being selected, with about one in 15 receiving a permit.

Hunters can apply online through Sept. 2, while phone applications will be accepted Aug. 22-26 between 9 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.

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  1. This black bear hunt is wrong on so many levels! They are killing baby black bears (on the news last yr). The “hunters” go out there with their permits and act like a bunch of savages shooting any size bear.

    There are suppose to be regulations with this insane “hunt”. I use the word “hunt” lightly because there is no skill involved in killing an undersized baby bear. Why can’t these bears be relocated and not killed? Good thing society doesn’t deal with population control the same way – then again maybe they should. The jails would be less crowded.

    Enjoy nature – DON’T KILL IT!!!

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