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MIPS approves 15 technology grants

Maryland Industrial Partnerships, a program of the Maryland Technology Enterprise Institute that funds collaborative R&D projects between companies and University System of Maryland faculty, approved 15 high-technology and biotechnology product development grants worth $4.2 million.

Among the projects are new drugs; treatments or tests for breast cancer, staph infections and malaria; “green” heated chicken house flooring; a dual-use, dual-powered motorized bicycle; superior quality glucosamine; and a stylish plug-in electric hybrid car. The grants combine $3.2 million from participating companies and $1 million from MIPS. Click here for the full list of recipients.

One comment

  1. Dear MIPS,

    I’m a small business owner here in Maryland. I develop and manufacture English language teaching aids. The current product line consists primarily of a mechanical sentence building device. It’s called the Sentence Wheel, and it’s designed to help English students build simple declarative sentences. It has been well received by students and teachers alike. I am in the process of developing an online touch screen application of this product to meet the needs of a 21st century market place. I would be very interested in more information about MIPS grant funding.
    Thanks so much,

    David Cecil
    Founder & CEO
    Skill Builder Sentence Wheels LLC