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The headaches of immigration law (access required)

One of the most controversial issues facing the United States is the topic of immigration. Making the topic so difficult to discuss rationally is the complexity of the issue: Who deserves to get in? Who doesn't? What do we do with those who are here and undocumented? Should we say "undocumented" or "illegal"? What do we do with the parents of American children? Should citizenship be acquired merely by birth in the United States? As a whole, Americans are welcoming of those who wish to enter the United States for a better life. It's hard not to be when these same aspiring citizens are so optimistic about our nation. In a time of bleak financial uncertainty, riots, famine and turmoil, it's flattering to hear someone say nice things about our country. Still, there are exceptions to the welcoming attitude of our citizenry, largely against those that "broke the rules" and entered without documentation/inspection. But even within that group, distinctions can be made. In a poll conducted by the Pew Research Center several months ago, participants were asked how they would like the government to address illegal immigration. According to the poll: Forty-two percent believe the priority should be to tighten border security and more strictly enforce immigration laws, but at the same time also create a way for people here illegally to become citizens if they meet certain conditions. Somewhat fewer (35%) put priority only on better border security and stronger enforcement, while 21% say the priority should be to find a way for illegal immigrants to become citizens.


  1. There should be no discretion at all when it comes to enforcing immigration laws. We have a process and laws so there should be no issue. If you are not authorized to be in this country and are caught for any reason, you get deported. No ifs, and or buts! And that is the problem…Oshama sickeningly panders/lies to the illegals and their racist advocates for votes and [Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano] and ICE have no spine for a zero tolerance against illegals. They now have “prosecutorial discretion” which pretty much gives amnesty to almost all illegals. Quit [fooling] around and enforce the laws….period.

  2. Deport all illegal aliens.

  3. Obama’s administration has always said they are focusing mostly on those,who as you say, fit the description of “robbers,murders, abusers and rapists.” But that’s not the reality here, they are deporting anyone who just does not have the right documentation to be considered legal. Just recently a woman,who is undocumented with a 2 yr old daughter, went to the police for help because she was being abused by her husband.Little did she know that seeking help would bring her a bigger tragedy.She was turn over to ICE. Cases like these are happening right now. So yes there are headaches, I’d say migraines.

  4. I don’t understand why “illegal aliens” are being treated like hardcore criminals when there are rapists and murders are getting off with a 20 year sentence. and undocumented people get sent to jail for years not having the right to speak out or at least stand up for themselves. some of the immigration laws go against the Social Contract (the basis of human law) it goes against morality, human behavior, and civil rights.even though they were not born in a certain country that does NOT mean they are any less human than we are.