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Maryland gets $27M federal grant for health exchange

ANNAPOLIS — Maryland has received a $27 million federal grant to fund the state’s health benefit exchange.

Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown announced the grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services on Friday.

The exchange will be an online marketplace where Marylanders can compare rates, benefits and quality among health insurance plans to help them find one that best suits their needs.

The administration says Maryland was one of 16 states to be awarded an exchange establishment grant. So far, Maryland has received $34.4 million from the federal health department to plan and build the exchange. That includes a $6 million grant given to six states leading the way on reform implementation.


  1. WHY? Why is the federal government giving any State one penny? That’s like a big robber giving a little robber part of the loot. If the State thinks in needs more money it can tax more (rob) all by itself!

  2. @ jim your right but either way its our money whether its fed or state they got it from us tax tax tax gas tax car tax title tax utility tax water tax weres the air tax ?