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Former Raven Jermaine Lewis charged in crash

Police used a stun gun on former Ravens wide receiver Jermaine Lewis and charged him with resisting arrest after a traffic accident Monday evening in Baltimore County.

Lewis was released Tuesday on $50,000 bail, county police spokeswoman Detective Cathleen Batton said.

The arrest came after police received calls about a Dodge Charger that was weaving on roads in the Reisterstown area and had hit the Boring Volunteer Fire Department’s sign without stopping. An officer went to Lewis’ Reisterstown home, where his car was parked, according to Baltimore County charging documents.

The officer found Lewis lying on the couch with his shorts halfway down to his knees and noticed a strong odor of alcohol coming from Lewis and that his eyes were bloodshot, charging documents state. The officer questioned Lewis about the crash and documents state Lewis responded that he had hit a sign but didn’t hurt anybody.

The officer grabbed Lewis’ arm to arrest him, but Lewis resisted being pulled off the couch even when the officer threatened to shock him with a stun gun. The officer shocked Lewis and moved him to the floor, where he complied with the officer’s order to remove his hands from underneath his body and was arrested. This kind of use of force with warnings is in line with departmental guidelines, Batton said.

A woman who was at the home told police that Lewis is the only one who drives the Charger, but it is usually parked because his license was revoked, according to charging documents. She did not know why he was driving on Monday.

Lewis was taken to Carroll Hospital Center, as is department policy after a stun gun has been used on a person, and then taken to the precinct. Police found Lewis’ driver’s license was revoked in 2008.

Lewis was charged with resisting arrest and cited for traffic offenses including driving on a revoked license, failing to control his speed to avoid a collision and failing to stop after an unattended property damage accident.

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  1. Hmmmmm…on what theory did police enter Mr. Lewis’s home?