Get active in the bar

As we approach the end of summer, so begins the bar year. State and local bar associations are gearing up for the upcoming season of activities, including networking events, CLEs and pro bono activities. As a young lawyer fresh out of law school, I didn’t know where or how to begin getting active in the organized bar. Sometimes it can be hard to even find out what’s out there without paying expensive dues. A listing of local and specialty bars and their websites can be found on the MSBA’s website. But then, once you know what’s available, it can be information overload. How does one make a choice with so many state, local and specialty bar organizations? You might think about which area of practice you focus on, where you appear in court the most or where the attorneys you respect appear to be most active. The good thing about being a law student or a young lawyer is that, in most cases, membership to a bar association is either free or very cheap. In exchange for membership, a whole new world can open up for one’s personal and professional life. Many of my very best friends and mentors have come through my involvement in the organized bar. And the bar has helped me become a better attorney.

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