EEOC sues DynCorp for hostile workplace

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — A federal agency has filed a civil lawsuit against military contractor DynCorp, alleging that a mechanic in Iraq was subjected to homophobic slurs and a hostile working environment.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed the suit Wednesday in federal court in Alexandria on behalf of DynCorp employee James Friso.

The EEOC alleges Friso endured daily taunts from a co-worker during a four-month stint in Iraq in 2006 and 2007. Friso, who is married and heterosexual, complained to managers but was either ignored or threatened with transfer, according to the lawsuit.

Friso was eventually transferred to a lower paying job in Germany.

The lawsuit seeks damages for Friso and a requirement that DynCorp institute policies to prevent sexual harassment of men.

A spokeswoman for Falls Church-based DynCorp declined comment on the specifics of the lawsuit but said the company “has no tolerance whatsoever for harassment or retaliation.”

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