Maryland workgroup on medical marijuana meets

ANNAPOLIS — A Maryland workgroup on medical marijuana will be working on an application process for academic centers that could one day make marijuana available for sick patients.

The workgroup met Wednesday in Annapolis to discuss three different groups within the panel.

One team will focus on scientific aspects of an application, such as defining medical conditions to be treated. Another team will work on preventing illegal marijuana diversion. A third team will focus on defining application specifications for securing grants to pay for the programs.

The workgroup was created by legislation earlier this year. The panel will develop recommendations for legislation in the 2012 legislative session to develop a state-supervised medical marijuana program.

The panel includes lawmakers, law enforcement representatives, physicians, experts on addiction and former patients.

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  1. American Patriot

    There going to turn this into another big government bs beaurocratic scam. Get with the times people. Put down your bottles. Safer and healthier alternatives are available, its called Cannabis. Look at the stats and educate yourselves.

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