Top 5: ‘This is old Baltimore pride’

Just weeks before Baltimore hosts its first ever Grand Prix, two of its investors have filed suit against the race's organizer, and the Charm City Circulator is being expanded to Fort McHenry. Those stories and more in this week's business top 5. 1. Baltimore Grand Prix sued by its founder - by Rachel Bernstein Steven Wehner, the man responsible for the original idea to bring auto racing to the streets of downtown Baltimore, has filed a nearly $750,000 complaint against the organizers of the Baltimore Grand Prix. According to the complaint, Baltimore Racing Development LLC was to have paid Wehner $575,000 over five years to purchase his 10.2 percent interest in the organization. But the filing claims that BRD has defaulted on its payments. Attached to the filing is an exhibit of the agreement between BRD and Wehner from May 12, 2010. 2. Charm City Circulator to be expanded to Fort McHenry - by Melody Simmons Expansion of the 21-bus Charm City Circulator to include the Fort McHenry Monument and National Shrine will soon take place with the help of a $1.5 million federal transportation grant. The Circulator will expand its territory into the city’s southern reaches — just as the bicentennial celebration of the War of 1812 gets underway.

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