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Getaways: The Final Frontier

Getaways: The Final Frontier

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Ladies and gentlemen, this is my final Getaways post.

Yes, that’s right. I’m taking a job in D.C. and leaving Baltimore. I decided to ignore that silly WaPo article about Baltimore being better than the District. But hopefully “Getaways” itself won’t be going away.

And so it seems that the Hurricane Irene found it fitting to demolish any real kind of Getaway plans this weekend.

Personally, I had to cancel a two-night hotel stay in Chincoteague Island for the weekend. Ocean City is being evacuated. Ports up and down the East Coast are expecting landfall within 72 hours. BGE’s gearing up for the worst. The Maryland Insurance Administration even sent out some advice Thursday on checking out your homeowners’ insurance policy.

So your best Getaway bet for this weekend: don’t get away. Maybe stay in your basement (so long as it doesn’t flood…).

And if you still have power, you can make the most of it and catch up on movies.

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