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Better Business Bureau: Beware of rogue contractors

The Better Business Bureau | Greater Maryland has issued an alert, cautioning Maryland residents to anticipate a spike in scams by door-to-door “rogue contractors” who solicit home repair business following an event such as Hurricane Irene.

The BBB and government agencies frequently receive a high volume of reports of post-disaster rip-offs that come and go following violent weather. Although it may take a while to get service from licensed contractors, “if you use a rogue, unlicensed contractor, you forfeit significant protections under Maryland state law including bonding and insurance coverage,” the BBB warned.

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  1. The majority of these crooks who do poor to terrible
    work are HISPANIC (likely Illegals to begin with). I have seen numerous examples of this problem personaly and in each incident it was Hispanics. On the other side of the coin…you want CHEAP..then that is what you got.