Lessons from preschool

I took the morning off today to take my kids to preschool. No, I didn’t go with them on their first day back this year, thanks to Hurricane Irene which delayed the start of school to a day on which I had a conflict. But the nice thing about a two-and-a-half year old and a 4-year-old is that they don’t hold that against me. They were just happy I could take them today. After they thought I had left, I sneaked back into the office to watch them through the mirrored window. They’re in a small Montessori preschool/kindergarten, so they get to go to school together and are in the same space the whole time. It was adorable. My daughter went to this preschool last year; this is my son’s first year. The first couple of days, my son went by himself to a session that was just for new kids while my daughter came later with the returning students. While I’m sure my son would have adapted quickly, he missed his sister. They went together yesterday and today. And the difference was impressive. They both came home yesterday much happier. And today, I got to see why. They looked after each other.

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