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Terrapin Run developers hope to sell property

CUMBERLAND — An Allegany County official says a legal battle over the hotly disputed Terrapin Run housing development in rural western Maryland may be coming to an end.

The Cumberland Times-News reports that County Attorney William Rudd says the developer is trying to sell the 935-acre site near the Green Ridge State Forest.

The County commissioners agreed Thursday to drop their lawsuit against the state departments of planning and environment to enable developer Terrapin Run LLC to sell off the property.

The plan for hundreds of new homes 25 miles east of Cumberland helped trigger a state law in 2009 that strengthened Maryland’s “smart growth” policies.

Smart growth aims to reduce urban sprawl by steering new development to areas with existing infrastructure.

One comment

  1. Once again the developers prevail! Is there enough groundwater available? Has the Maryland Department of the Environment approved a Water Appropriation and Use Permit and if so, how many gallons per day (gpd) will the development be allowed to withdraw?

    I suppose the next step is to get the State to sell the Green Ridge State Forest?

    The State of Maryland is becoming chock full of subdivisions, grocery stores, “development corridors” aka highways and new roads, gas stations, fast food joints, and other eyesores.

    As many parts of Maryland continue to experience groundwater declines, what will happen when (not if) there’s a serious water shortage?

    It’s little wonder why the State of Maryland continues to rank so low on the livability scale!!