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For the love of blawg!

If you love our sister blog, Generation JD, now’s your chance to show it. And I do mean NOW.  The ABA Journal is compiling its annual list of 100 Best Law Blogs and is taking nominations through Sept. 9. As in Friday, or (more to the point) tomorrow.

Here’s what the ABA says it is looking for:

• We’re only interested in blawgs in which the author is recognizable as a lawyer or law student in the vast majority of his or her posts.
• The blawg should be written with an audience of lawyers or law students—rather than potential clients or potential law students—in mind.
• The majority of the blawg’s content should be unique to the blawg and not cross-posted or cut and pasted from other publications.
• We are not interested in blawgs that more or less exist to promote the author’s products and services.

And what about On the Record? Well, thank you so much for asking (she said, blushing), but half of our bloggers are journalists rather than lawyers. That means we wouldn’t meet the first of those four criteria. I think you’ll agree, though, that Generation JD is on all fours (har).

So show some blawg love today: Click here to nominate Generation JD.  You will need its URL, which is

Many thanks!

P.S. Talk about your generation gap: Of the three lawyers on The Daily Record’s editorial staff, two of them (JDs 1983 and 1991) got the “all fours” reference. The third (JD 2006) had never heard the expression.