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Man charged with stabbing 1-year-old son to death

Baltimore police have charged a 25-year-old man with fatally stabbing his 1-year-old son in the neck.

The boy’s mother called police Wednesday saying she was afraid the boy, Dalyrie McFadden, had been abducted.

Charging documents state that officers followed a blood trail from the bed where the boy was last seen to the basement, where the boy was wrapped in a deflated air mattress. He was pronounced dead at a hospital.

The boy’s mother told police she asked the boy’s father, Hari Close, over for his son’s birthday on Tuesday, but he didn’t show up until after she went to sleep. Close left with the mother as she took her older son to school. But when she returned, the toddler was gone.

Close is charged with first-degree murder.

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  1. what in the world would a 1yr od child possibly do to envoke this man to stabb this little boy I hope he burn in hell