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Cupcake trend comes to downtown Frederick

FREDERICK — Want a small way to treat your sweet tooth without having to buy an entire cake or bake a batch of desserts?

The Angels — as in Lindy and Jonathan Angel — have answered local prayers for small, delicious treats. The couple, along with Lindy’s sister, Jolynn Wright, recently opened Angelcakes, which features eight different cupcake flavors.

“I’ve heard a lot of customers say ‘Frederick needed a cupcake shop,'” said Jonathan Angel.

Business has steadily been increasing since the store’s May 11 opening, Lindy Angel said.

“The word-of-mouth has been amazing,” she said. “We have developed regulars.”

During a first taste, Lindy Angel said she hopes customers enjoy the intense flavors of the cupcakes.

A friend recently tried the fresh strawberry cupcake. “She said, ‘I think this is the best thing I have ever eaten,'” Lindy Angel said. “That’s the kind of reaction I want.”

There are seven everyday flavors: Madagascar vanilla, chocolate ganache cream, scarlet red velvet, classic shaved coconut, black and white, Key lime and salted caramel. Each day there is a flavor of the day, such as orange dream on Tuesdays, chocolate mint on Fridays and fresh strawberry on Sundays.

Scarlet red velvet and chocolate ganache are the best-sellers, the owners said. Cupcakes cost $2.50 each or $27 for a dozen.

Between 20 and 40 dozen cupcakes are baked fresh every day starting at 6 a.m. An hour before the shop’s noon opening, a generous dollop of icing is placed atop each cupcake.

Any cupcakes not sold at the end of each day are donated to area fire companies or other organizations.

Angelcakes also specializes in cakes for any occasion. The design can be chosen from a book of sketches or custom made. The website features a gallery of photos, including a red race car for a birthday celebration, a stork atop a baby shower cake, and a white wedding dress cake.

The idea for a cake business began about a year ago.

“I’ve always been interested in baking and decorating cakes,” Lindy Angel said.

She took an elementary piping class about four years ago and did a three-month internship with The Artful Cake LLC in Frederick in 2009. After that, she began making cakes for friends’ events.

The sisters’ parents still live in the area, and one day Lindy Angel recalls joking with her sister, who has nearly a decade of catering experience in Florida, to move up to Frederick and start a business.

“She seemed favorable to it,” Lindy Angel said. “After that, I was relentless.”

Wright moved to the Frederick area in December, and the family began working on recipes and developing products. Initially, the business was only going to be cakes specifically for weddings, children’s parties or special occasions.

“The cupcakes developed because we thought there would be a market [for them] based on trends,” Lindy Angel said.

The 600-square-foot store is down the street from the Frederick Coffee Co., at East and East Church streets, in Shab Row.

“It’s an ideal location,” Jonathan Angel said.

“The merchants have been very supportive,” Lindy Angel added.

Downtown Frederick is a familiar location for the Angels. Jonathan Angel is the former City of Frederick budget director while Lindy Angel is an assistant state’s attorney in Frederick.

Besides the sinfully good desserts, customers also enjoy toting the Tiffany-blue boxes filled with cupcakes.

“It’s something that is identifiable,” Lindy Angel said.

While you may think a person could gain weight working in a dessert shop, Jonathan Angel said he has lost 20 pounds since the shop opened.

He does sample the products, but the store has been so busy, he is constantly on the go.

“I’m much more active,” he said. “It’s a healthy job.”