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Harriet Tubman National Park sought on Eastern Shore

WASHINGTON — Sen. Ben Cardin is making another push to create national parks in Maryland and New York dedicated to Harriet Tubman.

The Maryland Democrat says he will speak on Wednesday to advocates, historians and Tubman descendants about his efforts to move the bill toward consideration by the full Senate.

Cardin is the lead sponsor of a bill to create the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad National Historical Park in Caroline, Dorchester and Talbot counties. The bill would also create a Harriet Tubman National Historical Park in Auburn, N.Y.

Tubman was born in Dorchester County and spent nearly 30 years there as a slave before escaping in 1849.

She later led hundreds of slaves to freedom as part of the anti-slavery resistance network known as the Underground Railroad.


  1. In this difficult time for our country he wants to do what???
    How about trying to tackle more difficult and much more important issues (i.e. Economy, Infrastructure and Education) I am sick of these people, they get to Congress and they forget what they supposed to be doing there. I am pretty sure if Harriet Tubman was alive she would agree with me, who cares about another National Park? We have lots of them, do something for those people that got you there (Congress) in Maryland there are more things to fix than an eye can see…start fixing or resign and let someone else do it.

  2. Val, I respectfully disagree. In this difficult time of ignoring the vulnerable and the poor, what better reminder could we have of our obligation to them besides the shining example of Harriet Tubman? We need the memory and legacy of Harriet Tubman to be uplifted NOW more than ever.

    Given the rising tide of Tea Party thinking and extreme rugged individualism, Harriet Tubman reminds us to help those who are still enslaved, still oppressed, still downtrodden, and still vulnerable. I congratulate Senator Cardin for pushing this initiative!

  3. Those three important issues mentioned by Val would all be addressed with the creation of a new National Park, along with the added bonus of job creation. The economic benefit of a National Park far outweighs its cost. Tens of thousands (or more) visitors would bring their tourism dollars to Maryland, which could reach into the millions. And this is just the economic impact, nevermind the importance of highlighting the important historical aspects of Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad. I fully support the efforts to see this project succeed and will personally bring my family to visit!