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Baltimore attorney sentenced to 2 years in prison

An attorney from Baltimore has been sentenced to two years in prison for possession of child pornography.

The sentence for 33-year-old Patrick Joseph Redd was announced on Wednesday by the FBI, prosecutors and Maryland State Police. According to a plea agreement, the FBI searched Redd’s home in Baltimore and seized his computer. An examination of the computed uncovered 11 images documenting the sexual abuse of children, including images depicting children under the age of 12.

Once Redd is out of prison, he must serve 13 months of home detention as part of 10 years of supervised release. A judge has also ordered Redd to register as a sex offender once he is released.

One comment

  1. You know what, nothing out here seems to amaze me anymore, these people that is actually in power and doing a lot of big things are the worsiest! I just finished reading this article and it made me so sick to my stomach. Here he is a Attorney by day, but by night fall he is involved in sexual acts on minor children., this is such a horrific thing to do. Any and everything that the judge is giving him and ordering him to do, he deserves every bit of it and he gets no sympathy whatsoever! Really, i think that he should had received a much harder sentence than what he has gotten. Its so sad to see so many of these adults out here preying on babies & they really should be ashamed of themselves!