Top 5: ‘Wrongly placed blame’

A simple broken wrist is costing the city of Baltimore $30,000, and two attorneys have been disbarred in Maryland for their conduct in Virginia and Washington, D.C. Those stories and more in this week's legal affairs top 5. 1. Audit faults Maryland child support program - by Erin Drenning The agency responsible for operating Maryland’s child support program has been lacking in its collection efforts, according to a report published Monday by the Office of Legislative Audits. The state auditors said the Child Support Enforcement Administration failed to establish wage withholding for thousands of noncustodial parents and to correct Social Security numbers the agency knew were incorrect, even when it was given the correct numbers. 2. Broken wrist during traffic stop to cost city $30K - by Andy Marso The city of Baltimore is poised to pay $30,000 to a furnace repairman named Michael Wright, who claims a police officer dragged him out of a vehicle and broke his wrist during a traffic stop in 2009. In February, the city settled for $90,000 with Severna Park resident Ira Todd, who claimed a police officer broke his arm during an arrest in 2009.

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