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Wendy’s beefs up its burgers

So many questions come to mind after reading about Wendy’s rolling out a new hamburger after 42 years. Such as:

– A pickle chemist? Where do I sign up?

– No mustard on a hamburger? Wendy’s says it’s to “emphasize the flavor of the beef.” I say a dollop of mustard never hurt anything.

– There was seriously consideration of using green-leaf lettuce? I’m glad the company came to its sense on that one.

– Why do crinkle-cut foods (like the pickles on the new hamburger) usually taste better than regular-cut foods?

– “Wendy’s director of hamburgers”? Where do I sign up?

–  How nauseatingly-tempting does a “cross-country burger-eating tour” sound?

– Will consumers spend $3.49 on a quarter-pound burger they could get cheaper at one of Wendy’s rivals?

– Anyone else have a hankering all of the sudden for a Frosty?

(AP Photo/Paul Vernon)