The Falls in Mt. Washington closes

Fellow residents of Mt. Washington (and those who frequent the area) will be saddened to learn that our beloved restaurant, The Falls in Mt. Washington, has announced it is closing, effective immediately. The cafe/restaurant, located on Kelly Avenue near the Mt. Washington Tavern, made the announcement via its Facebook page Tuesday morning, with the reason for its closure unclear: The Falls was never perfect, but it wasn't for lack of effort. We always wanted the Falls to be a great place to have some good food, good drinks, and have good conversation- not only with each other, but with us as well. Anyone who came to the Falls more than once knows that there was always something different from visit to visit, and that was because we were always committed to improving, growing, and evolving. When I moved to Baltimore a little more than a year ago, The Falls was one of the first places I found nearby to get a great breakfast. It was my go-to place when I had visitors. (I always recommended the Crab Eggs Benedict.) I showed my guests the funky art they had on the walls, the life-sized busts of Abraham Lincoln and Napoleon and the books they kept on the shelves in between the tables. It was unique.

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  1. I had photographs on exhibit at the Falls from Feb-April 2010.
    I ate lunch there about ten times and usually brought friends. I enjoyed the food and thought the prices were fair.
    Co-owner Tim was friendly and seemed to know what he wanted.
    But restaurants fail often; it seems that there are too many of them for all to have enough business to be profitable every day. I hope that Tim did not run up a huge debt and that he will try again. Thanks Tim!
    Ron Cohn

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