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Would you buy a Kindle Fire?

Amazon would like to know, preferably by the time you make your holiday wish list.

The company is expected to unveil its much-anticipated tablet Wednesday morning. What this will mean for the burgeoning “tablet wars” is a question of much discussion. To be sure, it will at least start out as an uphill climb for Amazon, seeing as Apple’s iPad takes up approximately 75 percent of the marketplace.

TechCrunch’s MG Siegler appears to be the only person who got a preview of the Fire. Siegler wrote earlier this month that it has a 7-inch screen with a full-color display and runs Android. Reports say it will go on sale for $250.

There are conflicting reports as to whether a free subscription to Amazon Prime will be included with the purchase of the Fire. Prime, which normally costs $79 annually, is a preferred shoppers’ card of sorts for Amazon customers, giving them free, unlimited two-day shipping, for example. Analysts and observers are expecting a whole lot of cross-pollination between, the Kindle and the Fire.

Expect the tech blogs to light up (pardon the pun) Wednesday morning once the Fire debuts.

Perhaps not coincidentally, Apple invited media members Tuesday to a “special event” related to the iPhone on Oct. 4, where many people believe the company will unveil the iPhone 5.


  1. Yes, I would buy a Kindle Fire, especially as it’s only $199.

  2. Get a Kindle Fire? Definitely! It’s far better value than an iPad, even if it doesn’t have top of the range specs