Law school applications down

If anecdotal evidence was to be believed, we knew that law school applications were down. Now there's hard data to back up those whispers. Applications have fallen by 10 percent for fall 2011, the steepest decline in a decade. Check out this Wall Street Journal post for links to the Law School Admission Council data. About 16,000 ...


  1. It’s hard to think of a story more “old news,” or more thoroughly played out (months ago), than this. Have you been busy lately and not had time to prepare a column? As for what the numbers mean for law schools, it depends upon the law school. Some schools had double digit increases in applications last year and at least one local school had its highest numbers ever. You really ought to read more than one story on a topic before “writing” about it.

  2. @Pushkin: So, if the DOW Jones Industrial Avg. is down 10% year over year, as long as there are stocks within the index that have significant gains, the 10% drop is not indicative of a declining market trend? The referenced article discloses a national net loss, which means for every gain in applicants, there was greater loss in applicants, thus a total national decline. Any qualitative correlation between these numbers and legal education as whole is still, of course, up for debate.

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