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Running and lawyering

On Saturday, I will be in Bristol, N.H., to run my eighth marathon. The past few months have been a truly difficult balancing act between finding time to train, meeting the needs of clients and trying to spend time with my family.

This week has been especially brutal, because of a mid-week arbitration in New York and a couple of evening events earlier in the week. (In all honesty, I’m barely getting this blog written in time, but a commitment is a commitment.)

Attorneys are on the high end of Type A personalities. I make lists for my lists and continuously analyze everything. For example, when I started running, I decided to run a marathon. I had never run long distances before making this decision. But I couldn’t settle for a 10K or a half marathon or anything less than 26.2 miles.

In order to be successful, I had a training program to get in shape so I could do the actual marathon training program.  At some point during my first marathon, in Baltimore, I knew that I was going to finish and a sense of relief came over me. Relief and joy (to know that I would finally be able to stop running).

What’s my point? I don’t really know. It could be that everyone can do something if they put their mind to it. Maybe it’s exercise is good for all of us and when you find something that you like to do, you should find time to do it.

I think my point is that, from a personal perspective, I equate a marathon to my legal career. Lots of work at the beginning with no end in sight. At first, a three mile run seems like a long distance, but as you continue to train, it ends up be a nice, short run.

Similarly, drafting your first motion or complaint can be a daunting task, but as time goes by, it appears simple and straightforward. Sometimes, despite putting in hours and miles of training, the final result is nowhere close to what you wanted it to be. And there will always be other races to run.

So wish me luck on Saturday. I’m not going to set some land speed record (or even qualify for Boston), but I hope it goes as planned.

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  1. Good luck! I am too a lawyer and runner – I like the analogy!