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Last week was busy. Much of the week was spent preparing and finalizing details for the Maryland Association for Justice's Technology Seminar. This is the third year we've presented this topic, and the turnout was great with over 70 attendees. (The event was so successful, in fact, that we had to change venue at the last minute to accommodate the increased registrations.) As much work as it is to plan these programs, the rewards, much like noneconomic damages, are difficult to quantify. We had presentations from three terrific judges -- Battaglia, Grimm and Sweeney -- on the impact of social networking on the law. Court of Appeals Judge Lynne Battaglia started the panel discussion with comments about the recent Griffin v. State case, dealing with authentication of social networking evidence. (Sidenote:  in that Griffin blog post I guessed, hoping that I was wrong, that the judges probably haven't used any electronic social networking. Judge Battaglia informed the audience that she has tweeted, so I was happily proven wrong.)

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