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O’Malley promotes same-sex marriage bill

Gov. Martin O’Malley has taken to Youtube to promote his support of same-sex marriage legislation in Maryland.

O’Malley, who had previously supported civil unions, said in July he would back a bill that would extend equal marriage rights to same-sex couples. After staying on the sidelines of the debate in the spring, O’Malley has been more active. He attended a fundraiser for the effort in September and has talked up the bill during media appearances.

“As a free and diverse people of many different faiths, we choose to be governed under the law by certain fundamental principles,” O’Malley says in the new video, reported by “Among them, equal protection under the law for every individual and the free exercise of religion without government intervention.”

O’Malley has said the same-sex marriage bill will be a part of his legislative agenda in 2012 and has caught flak for that decision, including in a well-publicized spat with Catholic Archbishop Edwin O’Brien.

If it is successful, the bill will almost certainly be petitioned to referendum and be put to voters in November 2012.