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‘Til two years do we part…

… or maybe longer if I decide to renew you. Due to high rates of divorce early in marriage and the accompanying stress on the court system, Mexico City officials are considering a bill that would require couples to sign contracts prior to marrying.

Couples would be signing essentially a renewable prenup. The couple must agree how they will divide up money, property and custody arrangements in this contract. They also have to provide for the length of the marriage, the minimum length being two years.

I’m not completely on board with every aspect of this bill, and I do realize it raises many religious (and romantic) implications. However, I do think it’s something to think about.

While I don’t know how much of a stress divorces are on the Mexican court system (or exactly how divorces affect U.S. courts for that matter), I do know people go to court for some pretty ridiculous reasons. And the time and money spent on attorneys and court often adds up to more than the value of what the couple is fighting over and usually doesn’t end up in a groundbreaking solution that both parties are fully satisfied with.

What do you think about this bill? Is it the epitome of government involvement in our lives? I mean, if you want to go to court over who gets the big screen TV, isn’t that your decision? Do we really need a law that essentially saves people from themselves when divorcing, or does the judicial system really suffer when people can’t honor their vows?

For me, while I do find the idea of reading over fine print with my fiancé to be a BIT unromantic, I do like the leverage possibilities that come with being a free agent at the end of two years.